Vacxigen : A trusted partner
in your life journey

The journey of life is filled with joys, celebrations, special moments and hardships. The road is not always smooth and along the way, we face multiple challenges, overcoming illness being one of them. The most common form of any illness is infection by disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Vaccines help our body fight against such bacteria and viruses and keep us healthy.

Vacxigen Lifesciences is a new company which seeks to be a reliable partner in your life journey. We are building a bouquet of vaccines that will protect you from a wide range of infections so that you live life the way it is meant to be lived to its fullest.


Infants, children and adults are all susceptible to infections which can be life threatening if not treated on time.These infections are caused by bacteria or viruses that thrive in our environment. Timely vaccination can prevent onset of many such infections


Vacxigen Lifesciences acquired a vaccine manufacturing facility in Solan, Himachal Pradesh in 2018 to indigenize vaccine manufacturing, minimize time to market and enhance access.

The facility comprises a total constructed area of 30,000 sq ft. 3 lines have been set up that can handle manufacturing in vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes with Lyophilization capabilities.

Our Pipeline Products

Vacxigen Lifesciences Ltd. has plans to build the widest portfolio of vaccines to protect all generations of population : Infants – Children – Adults and Senior citizens


An exciting and a rewarding career awaits you at Vacxigen Lifesciences Pvt Ltd. Be a part of the growth story in the making in Indian vaccine industry