What is Vacxigen all about?

Vacxigen’s business is about ‘Preventive Healthcare’ through vaccination. ‘Preventive Healthcare’ comprises measures taken for disease prevention as opposed to disease treatment. Every year millions of people die of preventable deaths. Leading causes of deaths include cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, unintentional injuries, diabetes, and certain infectious diseases.

There are many approaches to disease prevention:

• Regular health check-ups
• Perform disease screening even when healthy
• Identify risk factors for a disease
• Stay up-to-date with immunizations and boosters.

Vacxigen will focus on immunisation and offer a wide range of vaccines for paediatric and adult population. A number of life-threatening infectious diseases can be prevented through vaccination. While vaccination for children is well understood and practiced, the idea that adults too can be vaccinated surprises many. With the environment around us subjected to increasing stress due to demands of development and healthcare costs rising by the day in part due to rising antibiotic resistance, it has become essential to prevent diseases before it strikes and vaccination is one way to keep infectious diseases at bay. Vacxigen will aid in this endeavor.

Our journey so far

Vacxigen was founded in February 2018 - driven by the desire to improve the lives of all generations of the populace, from infants to senior citizens. Its head office is located in Bangalore.

Plasmagen Biosciences, the sister company of Vacxigen, incorporated in 2010, is one of the 3 leading players in the life-saving plasma products market in India. The trigger for the birth of Vacxigen Lifesciences was similar to the one that launched Plasmagen Biosciences – the large demand-supply gap for affordable and accessible solutions to the healthcare challenges faced by our people.

Vacxigen Lifesciences has entered the vaccine industry with a long term vision. In April 2018 it invested in a vaccine manufacturing plant and has drawn up plans to develop newer vaccines right from strain level.

Mission Statement

Vacxigen commits itself fully to its mission statement:

“To help populace ‘Stay Protected’ from life-threatening infectious diseases from infancy to old age by introducing a range of indigenously manufactured vaccines for infants and adults”

Our objective is to introduce the widest possible range of vaccines so that all generations of the population right from newborn, children, adults and finally senior citizens are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Lower incidence of infectious disease translates to a healthy population that is an indicator of a healthy nation.

Core Values



We maintain the highest quality standards across all operations.


Across all levels in the hierarchy, integrity is non-negotiable.


We take responsibility for our actions at all levels.


We are conscious of the environment around us and we go all out to prevent wastage, reduce plastic and promote cleanliness around our workplaces, office and manufacturing facility.